— Washington D.C. USA – APRIL 29th, 2013 – World Fashion Week (WFW) Executive Board, International Committee, The Board of Governors of the World Fashion Organization® (WFO) and its subsidiary companies have appointed Australian photographer Mr. Robbie Merritt as the first Official WFW International Photographer for his outstanding contribution and achievements, dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry.

Since 2005 Robbie has shot/filmed/photographed over 5,000 clients, worked on countless television commercials, helped hundreds of men and women realise their dreams to become published and recognised models. Robbie is Western Australia’s key contact for American News Publishers ‘RMG News and Entertainment’ where many of his photographs have been seen on ‘E-News’, ‘TMZ’ and distributed to Over 3,000 global magazines.

¨Photography plays a major role in contributing to an harmonious growth, development and Arts of the global fashion industry, Mr. Merritt accomplishments are remarkable, we are honored to embrace his outstanding work and humanitarian efforts¨ said Paco De Jaimes, WFW Chairman.

Robbie’s Portraiture work is second to none, his tutoring and coaching with every shoot is pedantic, his style of wedding photography is unique and is consistently featured in WA Brides Magazine 2013 with over 12 pages of pictorial shoots.

Robbie also donates hundreds of hours to help fundraise charitable organisations and 2012-2013 will see his work extend further to an amazing exhibition of portraiture for the ‘Cancer Survivors Association of Western Australia’ and the ‘Rural Royal Flying Doctors Association’.

“Anyone can take good pictures, its what we do with those images that determines greatness” said Robbie Merritt.

His exhibition work with Cancer Survivors will be seen throughout Perth starting June 29th with the Opening of his exhibition ‘You Are Beautiful’ at the Perth Town Hall and the final exhibition in November 2013 with over 100 glass exhibits which will be recorded as Guinness World Records Longest individual exhibition measuring over 85 meters and weighing over ¾ ton of optical glass.

¨It’s our honor to welcome Mr. Merritt to WFW global fashion initiative, joining WFW and international partners in making history towards positive changes in the world, joining forces to a more unified, socially and environmentally responsible global community¨ said Mr. De Jaimes.

The World Fashion Week humanitarian mission is to globally expand the potential power of fashion; as a tool of fighting poverty, further develop economies, promote corporate, environmental and social responsibility within the fashion and textile industry, fostering human development, education and social integration, solidifying the vision “Give Your Light to the World – Fashion for Life” which will in turn promote a shift in consciousness to a more unified, fair and socially responsible global community.

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