We live in an era of global communication and awareness that requires the continual development of new channels and forums for its expansion and outreach. World Fashion Week provides global exposure and recognition to the most outstanding national talents, contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion community and working towards the greater good of keeping the global fashion industry sustainable and unprejudiced.

WFW-WFE-WFO honours the outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements of fashion icons across five continents. Dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion, furthering the promotion of creative leadership, for artistic, technical and social achievements within the global fashion industry.

Clothing manufacturing is traditionally one of the largest sources of industrial employment for most countries. In addition, fashion is a quintessential global industry, contributing to economic growth, employment opportunities, empowerment of women, access to education, health, poverty eradication, stability and investment. Fashion is a driving force that makes a great impact in our economies and every day it affects billions of people around the world.

WFW-WFE defends the free expression of fashion as one of the principle cultural identities of any community, considering the richness and creative value that we find in the diverse and multicultural world in which we live, encouraging a shift in consciousness to a more unified and solidarity global community.


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